Grow Appalachia’s Social Enterprise Initiative

Since 2015,
Pounds of Organic Chicken Litter Fertilizer Distributed
High Tunnels Installed in the Region
Water Catchment & Micro-Irrigation Systems Installed

We have sought out to provide in-demand growing supplies for our regional producers to help increase efficiency on their operations. Following our mission statement of building upon agricultural and food traditions to create healthy, resilient, and economically viable food systems.

Since 2015, our products and services have expanded to meet the needs of more growers. We offer a variety of materials and services including: fertilizer, low tunnels, reusable weed block, trellising equipment, soil amendments, shade and insect netting,and more. We also have made a series of kits available that are based on prominent issues in the garden: season extension and pest and weed management.

We are continuing our high tunnel enterprise while expanding our services to include the design and installation of roof run-off water catchment and micro ‘drip’irrigation systems.

High Tunnels

Water Catchment & Drip-Irrigation

  • Rainwater Catchment Systems
  • Micro ‘Drip’ Irrigation Systems
  • All of our installations and materials meet NRCS grant standards

Growing Supplies

  • Season Extension Materials
  • Low Tunnel Kits
  • Drip Irrigation Materials & Kits
  • Weed & Pest Management
  • Trellising Supplies
  • Seed Starting Supplies

Organic Fertilizer

  • Feathermeal Nitrogen Fertilizer (13-0-0)
  • Organic Mountain Pride Chicken Litter Fertilizer (3-4-3)

For all product details or purchasing please contact our Social Enterprise Manager,

Kayla Preston at (859) 302-1174 or

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