Tomatoes, Basil, Pesto and trip to Berea!

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Our Grow Appalachia group, Food Commanders, spent Friday morning in the garden picking basil and tomatoes to make a pesto pasta salad.  East Tennessee has been seeing some regular rain, finally!!!!  Our plants have been doing wonderful, and we are finally getting some grape tomatoes.  We spent the morning showing the teens how to make

Worms and Pickles

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Hey everybody!  Faelyn here and it's been delightfully rainy here in East Tennessee, and our teens' gardens have been loving it.  The Food Commanders came out today and were ecstatic about how their plants were sprouting!  They were bragging and telling stories about how one teen's plants were growing faster than someone elses.  Soon though,

A little Mrs. Debbie

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Hello!  I'm sorry if you were hoping for Mrs. Debbie, but she wanted me to introduce myself.  I am Faelyn Campbell, and I am Debbie's intern!  I'm part of the Rural Resources teen training internship.  I am in the 5th year of the program which is the internship and in trying to find a place for

Worm Demonstration

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Saturday was quit the day for our Grow Appalachia teen group, Food Commanders.  They gave three demonstrations on vermicomposting at the Greeneville Farmers Market in East Tennessee.  The teens prepared all week at making home worm boxes and learning how to make worm casting tea.  Then they prepared posters and made assignments on who would

New Beginnings!

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Construction has begun!  Our first raised bed went in today at the home of one of our Food Commander Teens!  His home is in Chuckey, TN of Greene County.  His family is leaving tonight for a family vacation, but did not want to leave until the bed was constructed, filled, and planted!   This is a

Water, Hooray!

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We are so excited to see pipes and sprinkler heads this week!  Last summer we spent time digging, and digging, and digging, and digging, and digging a well at Rural Resources in East Tennessee.  We finally struck water, set up the well house, plumbed the lines, and this spring sprinklers went in!  No more slow moving