As we enter July, we are harvesting not only our green leafy crops but also the warm weather ones are starting to show their colors and flowers. It’s a wonderful time to see these growing together. One providing shade as the other continues to thrive and become a haven for pollinators. It is also the perfect time to teach about succession planting and ways in which each crop can benefit from the other in the process. Soon it will be time to not only harvest more, but to transition our garden to prepare for quick fall crops. But first, we feast and enjoy the fruits of our labor by preparing healthy nutrition dishes from our fresh produce.

Each garden is different. Some gardeners are growing crops for their household and families, while others are willing to give away their harvest to local food pantries to provide fresh produce for those in need. Then there are some who are participating at our local farmer’s market. July brings such a variety and the use of all gardening techniques are needed to make sure our crops thrive. Because when our crops thrive, our community thrives!