Container Gardening

During my fourth week of interning for Virginia Cooperative Extension- Wise County, I helped with a presentation on gardening in small spaces. My portion of the presentation focused specifically on container gardening. While researching, I learned about the differences and similarities between traditional & container gardening. Additionally, I witnessed this method in action from our own members of the Grow Wise Program. While going on garden site visits, I noticed that many people practice this way of gardening to optimize and enhance their garden spaces.

One of the things I learned about container gardening is that it’s a great method to efficiently grow crops in small spaces. Vegetable gardens can be grown just about anywhere you have space: a patio, doorstep, or even an indoor windowsill. It’s also a great way to prevent soilborne diseases and pests such as nematodes. Likewise, since you have complete control over the soil, you’re less likely to deal with poor soil conditions. As you can see from some of the gardens I’ve visited in Wise County, there is also an aesthetic appeal to this growing method. Overall, there are countless opportunities for innovative ideas with container gardening that can really embellish your growing space.