June here at St.Vincent Mission is bringing the gardens out finally. A few of the gardens have been struggling with the rain and the winds that we have received this month. I have been working on doing garden visits with the participants, its always nice to see the goodies have received from the growers. Right now we are out here every other day harvesting blueberries, this year that seem much sweeter. One of my participants wrote about how she feels about the gardening, her name is Elizabeth.

Planted out sunflowers yesterday. Why? Because they bring me joy. A garden should be more than a plot with plants in it. It should be a space for the soul to rest and mind to find a sense of joy and peace. Getting our hands in the dirt, seeing life thrive, and know we had a part in the process brings a sense of joy and accomplishment. We are designed to live our lives in the beautiful outdoors and sunshine. Hearing the birds singing their sweet melodies, able to imagine the dance of life in their song. Feeling the warm of life-giving sun on our skin, giving us the needed dose of well being in the constancy of its day in and day out. We were made for this, let’s love it and cherish it.