The season has been beautiful – lots of rain and sunshine…but, MAN, the snails and slugs are giving us headaches!  Still, the season has given us an explosion of all things GREEN.  Participants are beginning to harvest peas, broccoli, and collards – and LETTUCE has become something of it’s own food group; we have so much it must be incorporated into every meal!  One of my favorite things about growing a garden is how it pushes you to find novel ways to process the abundance.  In particular, I find that when I grow something I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility towards the plant; if I grow it I should respect its efforts in growing and use it.  While I might just be weird, I think that connection is what makes growing our food so important – there is a direct exchange of energy happening in that relationship and we also grow as a result of caring for our food.  I also appreciate how plants refuse to be convenient!  In a conversation about planting wildflowers to attract pollinators, we jumped around trying to figure out how to plant so late in the year.  We finally came to terms with the fact that we have missed the wildflower boat and would make better plans for next year.  In a world of streaming services and same-day shipping, that obstinance is refreshing and a reminder to slow down and build healthy boundaries.  Plants also offer some fantastic counseling services if we pay attention!  As we move into the deep heat of summer, participants gear up for the big hurdles of heat, drought, and weeds.  I’m interested to learn the lessons the plants have to share with us.