Challenges in the garden can come in all forms a pest, disease, fungus, weeds, or even the weather. Organic gardening has the potential to be even more challenging as you take on these conditions. Using ground cover is a great way to help reduce weeds and prevent some diseases from “splashing” onto the plants while watering or during rain. Proper plant spacing and trellising is another easy way to help prevent disease in your garden by providing ample air flow throughout the plants and avoid those damp dark conditions that diseases and fungus love. Incorporating plants that some pests don’t like into your garden can also help to naturally deter them from invading your garden. While you may face challenges while gardening, you have a lot of options to help you in your organic gardening journey. Its important to continue to enjoy gardening even while facing the most frustrating pests, you will soon taste the fruits of your labor and it will have all been worth it!