Each year, I have tasked myself with growing something new in the garden. Several years ago, a friend inspired me to add gourds to my garden…and so it began! Now, I just can’t imagine a garden without gourds growing in it. They are so much fun to watch progress. There are so many uses for gourds aside from decorative crafting. You can use them as baskets, planters, bird houses, musical instruments, kitchen implements and even food along with some things I may not even have discovered yet. Somewhere along the way, I found Gourdlandia and went even further down the rabbit hole of gourd love. I’m not sure what it is about these beautiful fruits, but they continue to delight my inner child year after year. The gourd tunnel is where I grow the majority of my gourds and it is so magical to go in there on a hot summer day or night. This year, I have decided to add some lights to the tunnel to step it up a notch! If you have never grown gourds, I highly recommend trying it. They are a lot of work to clean and prep for use, but in my opinion, they are worth all the effort. You might also be surprised at how lucrative a good gourd crop can be! Here are a few gourds I have been dabbling around with. Enjoy!