This month The Local Foods Team held a Garden Maintenance Workshop, at our high tunnels. We discussed various elements of garden maintenance with our participants, like the importance of weeding, tool usage and maintenance, soil maintenance, and pruning. The team distributed early starting seeds to participants, some of the seeds received were peas, various lettuce, yellow squash, spinach, and zucchini. The workshop was well received by participants.

We have also held more Folk Arts Workshops, including Ramp Up, Appalachian Apple Baking, Shiitake on Logs, and Pepperoni Rolls.

Our Ruby Grow location is bursting with new life! We have strawberries growing, tomato plants blooming, and new starts in the ground. Also, our team gets to help young minds grow in collaboration with the WV Extension Office, students from the local elementary school, get to walk over to Ruby Grow and learn about the importance of growing vegetables, caring for vegetables, and get hands on experience with planting. Recently, the students came for a visit, where they harvested strawberries and planted potatoes.