It’s been a beautiful spring here in Barboursville, WV. I live in between the three counties we serve in the Grow Appalachia: Family Nutrition Program. March and April were wonderful reasons for why we do what we do. This year we have had amazing participation from our gardeners. Each workshop reminds me of how we all form our own little communities. It’s a beautiful thing. From pictures pouring in, to our online community group, and to the wonderful women who have stepped up as mentors it’s been a great garden season already.

In the pictures you’ll see the community being built within our programs. Families are working together planting and sowing seed. Radishes have been harvested. Fields are plowed and ready to plant once the date for the last frost has come.

We have a Facebook group where our participants can interact, and problem solve. It’s so fun to watch. So many questions are being asked to further education on organic resources. So many questions are being asked on using the resources you already have at your home.

Our mentors are sharing around the clock. They are sharing resources, they are sharing knowledge, and they are sharing their love of gardening. It’s been inspiring to see. Hope you too are inspired to grow something this season. Happy planting friends! We have a lot of work to do.