So far, this role I have found myself in has been such a whirlwind. I have found myself picking up supplies from a few tried and true vendors, picking up plants from our grower, planning workshops, planning pickups, trying to go the extra mile if at all possible, etc…You know the drill!  It’s a lot! I have had intrusive thoughts, like, Oh what have I gotten myself into?…Can I really do this?…to I’m doing this thing!! Let’s Roll!! All over the place with it but then, I go back to center because I know deep down, with no shadows of any doubts that I am right where I am supposed to be.

I’m up there half way a nervous wreck teaching this material and looking at faces wondering if I am making sense to them. Well, after the first workshop of the season was finished, a young boy who had been so quiet that I had forgotten he was tucked back there behind his parents came up to me with his noise cancelling earphones on and said, “I heard most of what You said and I liked it!” Be still my heart! THIS!! This is why!! That one statement from a boy I didn’t think was listening, made it all worth it! He’s my new favorite by the way! Ha!

On another note, Grow Morristown has been able to partner with Tennessee Valley Housing Services this year and that just makes me so happy. We are now able to reach more families in need through this partnership. Since we had a few gardeners who started some of their own seeds this spring, we found ourselves with quite a few extra plants which we were able to pass along to TVHS for their tenants as well as plants and supplies for their community garden. THIS!! This is why we do this!

Lastly, I just want to talk about my adventures going to a few of the vendors we use. First of all, if You have never been to Deerfield Supplies in Elkton, Kentucky, you really should if you ever get the chance. I got to see an Amish man plowing up a huge field with several mules. Something I have always heard about, but never witnessed. The Jefferson Davis monument nearby is a sight to behold. Seven Springs Farm Supply in Check, Virginia was also interesting to see. Very nice folks to work with and their supply warehouse is literally in the middle of nowhere. I’m not sure if I will make either of this trips again without a need for garden supplies, but it is that much more beauty that I was able to take in when I did.

Thank You for reading!! Happy Gardening!!

=^;^= Heather Bolton