Well, not quite yet! Since I was child I have been gardening albeit because I was forced to pull weeds, snap beans, and sling manure. You all know! There weren’t always happy moments, maybe there were never any, but somehow I find myself today out in the garden because of the happy place it is for me. I guess that’s what maturity brings!
I am working towards an Orchard Oasis, with dreams of sweet smelling blooming trees to bask in the shade of. Meanwhile, I have a steep field with man tall briars, trees, and rocks the size of dinosaur vertebra to contend with.
Sun, water, slope, air flow; is this the right place? Late afternoon shade, soft breezes, terracing, rain collecting, and a skid steer; we can make it the right place.


When will it become my hiding place? My home away from home, my basket full of bounty, my peaches a plenty!?! The rock is stubborn and strong, my back is not! Further delays, little rain, sad saplings waiting to get in the ground, skidster starter quits, soil sucks, will my dream come true?

Supplies, support, strength are what I have found with my connection to Grow Your Own. I have found a mutual love for the land and “almost” all things that grow. My journey has just begun!
Thank you to Grow Your Own for coming into my life at just the right time! I am currently working on a 100×60 fenced orchard starting with 40+ trees, berries, vines, and large garden plants in varying states of planting. We just relocated to Bristol TN from central NY and are adjusting to the three seasons of growing, the plethora of bugs (and snakes) and the heat! It truly is an adventure!


-LeAnn Scanlon, GYO 2024