In a world that often seems to run on a tight schedule, I confess that punctuality isn’t exactly my strong suit. The clock ticks, deadlines loom, yet somehow, I always find myself trailing a few minutes, or days behind. But amidst the hustle and bustle, there’s a beacon of light that never fails to brighten even my tardiest arrivals: Grow Appalachia.

You see, my tardiness is forgiven when I see families flourishing with techniques I’ve had the privilege of teaching. This sight fills my heart with indescribable joy, a joy that transcends time and punctuality.

Picture this: the sun casting its golden rays over the rolling hills of Appalachia, painting a portrait of serenity. In the midst of this tranquil scene, a Grow App member tends to their garden, their hands caressing the earth with a tenderness born of tradition and necessity. And there, amidst the rows of crops, lies the fruit of our labor – both literal and figurative.

Despite my habitual tardiness, I’ve had the honor of sharing knowledge, techniques, and passion with the resilient families of Grow Appalachia. From composting to crop rotation to mulching, each lesson is a seed planted in the fertile soil of community spirit. As I witness these seeds take root and bloom, time itself seems to stand still, captured in moments of triumph and transformation.

There’s a unique magic in watching a family excitedly show their newly mulched garden, knowing that it’s not just a technique they’ve implemented but the beginning of self-reliance and empowerment. It’s a magic that transcends any sense of lateness, for in the garden our Grow Appalachia members, time is measured not in minutes but in the growth of hearts and minds.

As I stand amidst the excitement of the garden season, I’m reminded that punctuality is but a fleeting concern in the grand tapestry of community building. What truly matters is the resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit of our Grow Appalachia families who embrace change and nurture growth with every passing season.

So, to my fellow latecomers and timekeepers alike, I extend an invitation to bask in the radiant joy of witnessing lives transformed by the simple act of planting a seed.