With the first meeting of the Magoffin County Grow Appalachia under our belts we discussed planning our gardens. From placement to what we wanted to plant and how much to take on this year. We also discussed alternative gardens to fit our needs and space. We also shared several resources for those brand new gardeners who can get overwhelmed when thinking about what to plant and how. “Pre- planned” square foot gardens can give you a plan to follow or provide inspiration when you are feeling overwhelmed. They can also be a great addition to your traditional garden and encourage you to try something new. We used this website for inspiration Pre-Planned Gardens (gardeners.com) From kid- friendly gardens to kitchen herd inspired gardens there is usually something for everyone to try or put their own spin on. With different sizes and options to choose from and plant spacing guides, this resource is a great help for planning a square foot garden of any size. There are also sites that have similar layouts for larger, more traditional gardening needs like corn, beans, and much more, with varying sizes. We found that these resources encourage our gardeners to try something new and help them to feel confident in their plans. They also leave the first meeting with their own garden plans in hand. Drawing their own gardens (in ground, container, square foot, etc.) and planning what to plant is a great way to get excited about what is to come and prepare for the upcoming work. It is also a good time to consider your individual needs, do you want to expand or do you need to downsize, what did your family love to eat, what could you live without?