The Local Foods Team at High Rocks has diligently been working on our Ruby Grow Garden. With 2 high tunnels, the team has been cleaning beds, prepping soil, and planting. The team has been planting onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, and cauliflower. Due to the high tunnels, we continually had a supply of beautiful lettuce and spinach.

On Feb.27, a Garden Planting Workshop was held. Soil amending based on soil test, prepping soil, and planting were discussed. Information on planting times and plant hardiness were passed out. The participants talked about water collection technics. Participants finished their garden plans, with a garden layout. During the Kids Planting Workshop, we planted turnips in clear plastic, so the kids could watch the turnips grow.

Throughout March, The Local Foods Team along with our Student Farm Leaders, hosted 3 Folk Arts Workshops. First, we had the Apple Grafting Workshop, where participants learned about why and how apple grafting is done and enjoyed homemade biscuits and apple butter. Second, was Buckwheat Pancakes and Maple Syrup Workshop. Participants learned and received information on how maple syrup is made and enjoyed local maple syrup with buckwheat pancakes. The third workshop we did, was Sourdough bread. Here, participants learned and received recipes on making sourdough bread. All the Folk Arts Workshops were well received by participants.