This past month, we have been busy! 

  • We ended our Winter Farmers Market season on the last weekend of March and have shifted to Market-To-Go, our online ordering platform.
  • Our gardeners submitted and received feedback on their garden maps, where they were instructed to think about plant spacing, stacking tall plants on the north side of their gardens, and to companion plant to think about ways to maximize their space. Most of our gardeners are gardening in a 5’ x 20’ plot. 
  • Several of our gardeners this year had sites that needed raised beds, so we spent time getting materials and soil delivered, and they assembled and filled their raised beds. 
  • We had our garden planting meeting on March 6th and an All Things Composting meeting on March 16th at our Winter Farmers Market. Yesterday, several of our gardeners attended Art in the Garden, where they painted rocks to look like strawberries, garden signs with their garden names, and plant markers. One of our program participants led this meeting and wanted their fellow gardeners to get the idea that garden art and plant markers can be so easily made with recycled materials and things that are already on hand. It was a fun workshop where our gardeners were able to chat, get to know each other, and build community. 
  • Our gardeners are getting their soil test results back and are getting fertilizer and/or lime or soil acidifier, and T-Posts during their garden visits. 

Spring is very much in the air and folks are excited to get planting soon!