Lower Price Hill is a dense, urban neighborhood where most residents live in multi-family rental units, lacking space or permission for personal gardens. Community garden spaces offer these families the opportunity to engage in gardening activities.

However, Community Matters and our partners at Habitat for Humanity have been committed to increasing homeownership rates in the neighborhood. Over the past five years, this partnership has helped build 6 new homes. Owning a home not only provides more space but also the freedom to garden. Several of these first-time homeowners are now home garden participants.

In 2021, Almira and her family settled into their new home. They wasted no time getting involved in their community, regularly attending civic meetings and community events. Thanks to another partnership, this time between Community Matters and Grow Appalachia, Almira is now starting her own backyard garden. She asked for a little help getting things started, like seed-starting supplies, and recently, volunteers even built and filled her raised beds. Almira is buzzing with excitement to dig in and watch her plants grow!