Nature gives us many signs letting us know when the almost perfect time has arrived to sow seeds and plant transplants. The first few days of night temperatures consistently being close to 50 degrees, can be a tricky time. Our eagerness to get out into the garden wraps us in a psychological game of ready set go, even though we know that it is just a fluke.


As we sit back and remember to stick to the plan that was created months ago, we exhale with a sigh of relief that we did not in fact abort it when the temperatures again drop lower and lower.


On our checklist was to identify the garden beds that needed repairs to prevent soil erosion and increase water retention, so we’ll start there. Then it’s all about soil health. Looking back over the amendments we used last year and our cover crop usage, we should be in good shape and are planning to only amend our soil with aged compost at this time.


As our brassicas begin their hardening off stage, direct sowing seeds like radish, carrots, and lettuce are all ready to happen in a few days during our first community garden workday. Then finally, our green thumbs will be satisfied.