Honey, what cha doing? Nothing, honey. As I intently looking at the new spring growth of our native prairie.


What makes you happy? Ok, plant wise please. Growing? Propagating? dividing? Killing? The colors? Cutting? Mowing? Eating? The list can go on and on….

For me, it is native plants that move me. There is just something about them that intrigues me, enough to get lost for hours in their presence. We are talking absolute pleasure. From the smell of the ground warming to the colors of the field to the textures of grasses and flowers. It’s sensory overload – in the best way.

Honey, what’s cha doing? As I just walk through the prairie as the sun heats up. Nothing, honey.

Honey, what’s cha doing? As I bend down to see grasses starting to green up. Nothing, honey.

Honey, what’s cha doing? As I close my eyes and smell the sun warming the prairie. Nothing, honey.

All senses are firing, bringing me pure pleasure as I walk through a prairie.
What brings you pleasure? What nurtures your soul?


Grow what makes you giddy.

— Written by Andrea Metcalf, Grow Your Own 2024