Sit with me and listen as Mother Earth awakens.

All around, birds are greeting the fresh days with their whimsical melodies.

A faint rumble from the bees as they dance flower to flower.

The soothing gurgle of the creek as it nourishes the growth around.

Hear the ephemerals sigh as the emerge towards the sun.

Sit with me and listen…. Spring is here.

–   Written by Shasta Hamblin (A Grow Appalachia Participant)


Laurel House was recently filled with families excited to start another year of Grow Appalachia. During our meeting on Planning your Garden, our crew was thirsty for the thoughts of double cropping, using irrigation methods, incorporating weed control, and to attempt to plan  their harvest to meet their needs and fit their resources. A 3rd year member shared with me their poem, and it was the perfect addition to our first blog of the season.


As I think about her words, they describe not only early Spring in the Mountains but also a more profound need to slow down and communicate. We are all guilty of rushing through life, and lately, the chaos of transitions has had me jumping from task to task while the world moves on unnoticed. So, as springtime rolls in, “Sit with me and listen.”


And for those interested in ephemerals and the natural world, join us for our Spring Naturalist weekend, May 10th-12th. Watch for more information.