2024 has been off to a great start this year, we are seeing an increase of new participants. Everyone has already received their first set of seeds and getting their garden on the move. I had a mom to write me with a short story I wanted to share with you all.

“Mommy!?” Calls the six-year-old looking for me as I have pea seeds in my hands, the sun on my face, and the cool, moist soil under my nails. I answer her knowing full well my smooth, methodical planting is going to be slowed down and become a process, but what joy and memories are cultivated are far better than finishing efficiently.

“Can I help?”, my sweet Ana asks, and although I’m racing the rain, I choose to get less done. All the while cultivating a love of gardening, sweet memories, and a sense of purpose in my sweet little one. It’s these moments I must remember to choose her over what I planned. I must Choose to cultivate what is truly important in life. Yes, we cultivated our garden together, but I’m also cultivating the hearts of my children. Knowing they are my ministry, my life’s work. God blessed me with my children, and entrusted their hearts to me to cultivate. What am I planting? Peas, which last a Spring season, but also joy and love and peace which will last a lifetime.