Logan March 2024 Blog

The red buds are blooming, the dogwoods are blooming, daffodils are blooming, trees are budding out, and green thumbs are twitching to get dirty planting veggies to harvest and eat. It’s definitely spring.

My gardeners have been calling and asking about being in the program again and about meetings. I’ve had a meeting in Logan and a meeting in Man so far, talking about planning gardens out and how to plant seeds and vegetables. Plus we’ll be partnering with the family resource center in downtown Logan to do some workshops as several of their families have expressed an interest in learning to grow and preserve their food since most if not all use an EBT card to get groceries, and the amount seriously limits how much fresh food they can afford to get and still make it through most of the month wondering about how to provide food for their families.

Some of my gardeners have already begun planting, and are already harvesting spring kale and collards. One gardener already has peas a foot high. These bountiful spring gardens are surely a harbinger of bountiful gardens to come this growing season.

Potatoes arrived yesterday and will be in the ground by this weekend, ready to take advantage of the promised rains to start growing and getting big enough (and tasty enough!) to end up on dinner tables or frozen or canned or stored in a cool dark place like a root cellar (yes, some folks still have those).

Here’s a short gardener’s prayer to ensure a bountiful garden:

Grant me the grace and willingness always to work with all my strength and ingenuity in cultivating the soil so that it will bless me with bountiful produce for my benefit and the benefits of all with whom I can share them.