We are getting prepped and ready for the upcoming growing season! The first step to ensuring success is to collect soil samples, so that we know where to start. During our first meeting later this month we will be planning our very own gardens. Do we want an herb garden, salad garden, pollinator gardens, planning enough for canning or selling, or are we going to try something new to us? I love to suggest at least one new fruit or veggie each year to learn something new and to keep it interesting! Warmer days are just around the bend and the smell of soil and the excitement of watching those tiny seeds grow more each day is so close! Many of us garden as an escape or as a means to feed our families, a new growing season brings so much promise. We are excited to guide more families than ever before through the challenges and triumphs of growing an organic garden, we are looking forward to what 2024 will bring these families. Pictured below is organic garlic planted at the end of the 2023 Grow Appalachia Garden Grant Program, already showing us promise for this season!