Participant Surveys
Our Home Garden participants come from diverse backgrounds with different interests, reasons for growing, and experience. Because of those differences, we’ve realized they also often need different things from our LPH Community Gardens team. To help facilitate how we engage with each gardener as they start the growing season, we created a quick, 6-question form to get to know their needs. This was distributed at our first Garden Party workshop in February, which focused on planning our gardens.

Next Steps
We learned a lot about our Home Garden participants through the forms. Their answers have also helped us plan how many general supplies to purchase, what types of seeds and plants to order, and how much support they need for a successful growing season. They all know they can give our coordinator, Alicia, a holler when they need extra help, but it was nice to have a bit more structure going into the year.

Since then, our team has been busy! We’ve ordered compost, seeds, and a few other supplies, started various seeds, and topped off raised beds in our community and existing home gardens with the help of volunteers.