October is bringing the cool weather in. This month some of my garden participants are doing a fall crop. I’m surprised tomatoes are still coming inn on the vines. we have already had 1 morning freeze here in our area.  Four of our participants are going to try working with the hoops for their raised beds. We were able to give out homemade rain barrels to 12 of our participants that really needed them to help with their gardens.

It was a blessing to all of our participants we had people to donate in a bunch of used jars. So all the participants were able to get an extra 2 dozen canning jars to help with their fall harvest of drying things out and canning food for their families. Jessie is working really hard to get his green house up and running and hes putting his high tunnels together now.  I’m looking forward to seeing what new and exciting things await us for next years garden season.