As our time together comes to a close, we are taking time to share in celebration and reflection!  Our last meeting of our 2022-2023 season will be Monday, October 16th.  Participants are bringing a dish to share with each other.  We are also bringing seeds to organize for our seed library (we hope these will be shared among our new participants for the upcoming season).  Participants will  be showered with goodies to hold them over until spring including cover crop (red clover), garlic bulbs, onion sets, and canning lids!    Our group has become a close-knit family, and I cannot stress how much I have learned from them!  Our first year was a triumph of community and partnership!  THANK YOU to Vicki Boggs with our Leslie County Extension Office, David Cooke, and Mark Walden, Candace, and Faye!  These folks truly inspired our work!  We have learned so much from this season and have put this knowledge towards designing a better program for next year.  I will post pictures of our harvest celebration after Monday!