We have been blessed this year with our gardens.  We have always had a good season, but I believe this is the best season so far.  It seems that only a few minor problems have happened.  

The biggest problem was of course the deer, which we couldn’t do anything about. Then a little worm was eating another’s potatoes, and another could not understand why it was taking so long for the tomatoes to ripen; now the tomatoes are ripening well, so we are back on track. It did take a long time for the tomatoes to start ripening.

Our gardeners work hard in their gardens and they can freeze a lot of food.  Corn has really been plentiful, as well as several other vegetables like beans, cucumbers, potatoes, and tomatoes.

So far, I have counted over eight-hundred jars of food they have canned, not counting what has been frozen, and they still plan to can more. Some of the gardens are just about done, and several have already planted their fall garden’s

Our gardeners  will be able to share with a lot of people. Our potatoes have not been dug yet. Sweet potatoes have not been harvested.  Some still have several things left to harvest.

As I have stated before, we have several widows who have started gardening. We already had four or five widows who raised a garden, and this year it is more. They know the prices of food will never go lower but will go higher.  They are trying to get prepared for this.  

I am proud of everyone who is in our group.  I want them to have plenty to eat and that helps on the grocery bill. Most have already started their fall gardens, which is also good because they have a little more help with groceries.