Logan County Blog August 2023

Once again canning and food preservation season is upon us, and it’s time to
hone our canning skills and make delicious things to eat over the winter

On August the 8th , we had a canning workshop at Nighbert UMC in Logan, WV.
We had twenty-three gardeners and two guests that attended. We worked on
the canning salsa for seven hours straight, and after we prepped the
ingredients to start cutting and dicing the vegetables, we started the process
of turning a few basic garden ingredients into something really delicious. It was
a fun day and we made 18 pints of salsa, which was delicious and just a little
warm, but oh so good! I’m sure the gardeners will want to make this every


We did have a few visitors to stop by and see what we were doing. The pastor
of the church, Rev. Terry Stone, had groceries left from the give-away the
night before, and asked if anyone would like to take some home with them, that he
had a huge amount of things like potatoes, frozen pizzas, plums, frozen
strawberries, and milk. The gardeners were very appreciated of his generosity.

I am sending pictures of the Chile Salsa preparations, but before I could get
pictures after it was made, the salsa was gone, and it was delicious! Thanks to
Dana Wright from the WVU Ext office for her help and answering questions
from the gardeners. And thanks to Rev. Terry Stone and Nighbert UMC for
allowing us the use of their wonderful kitchen for this meeting.