Our group has become a wonderful family! The more involved I become the more I find connections – woven together, supporting each other. July brought Faye and Candace to our neck of the woods; We were delighted at the hard work of Maxine and Mark, and Lorene! Maxine and her son Jonathan plan to sell corn at the Leslie County Farmers market, which was a particularly exciting development. I had hoped that our garden program would encourage folks to participate in the farmers market. The Leslie County Farmers Market is growing, but we still need to attract local farmers and gardeners.

Indeed, I have found the best partners in our farmers market and UK Extension. Together we are working to build a stronger local food network by supporting home gardeners.  Our members have really enjoyed the food preservation equipment they have received.  In a brief discussion, they have indicated they would like more of focus on food processing as well as expanding beyond the typical vegetables to herbs and mushrooms – and I am only TOO EXCITED to comply!!  At our August meeting, member will receive an indoor greenhouse and seed started to get thinking about next year.  As we move into the Fall, we have started a survey of “dream seeds” for next year.  Thankfully, many of our participants have been saving seed so we can start our very own “seed library” for our group!  Now, THAT is rooting for each other!