Have you ever been in that rut of “after this, things will be easier?” I feel that way most of the summer season. Something is always constantly needing attention. The children need entertaining, the garden needs love every day to ensure a good harvest to feed us during the winter months, appointments, and livestock shows. The list seems never to end. I have felt most of the summer season that if I can just make it to the end of my favorite season, I can slow down a bit and breathe. Have you ever stopped to think if you are breathing? Try it, take a deep breath and hold it and slowly exhale. See how good that feels? While summer is my favorite season, the end of summer is probably the best. I always relish of memories of childhood when we would harvest our garden and delight myself in some of those traditions being passed down to our children. Harvest season to me is a brief moment in the everyday hustle when we can sit around the heirloom kitchen table, the kitchen table has probably seen more bushels of beans than any farmers market, to share stories of the old days and discuss the relics that we are still using today. I’ve always enjoyed how gardening brings a family, a community together. I feel it is an important thing that today’s society is missing out on, gardening kept communication open between houses. The community, and family feel is something I long for during those hectic summer days. The time to sit and breathe with folks and enjoy those moments around that table to discuss what we’ve learned, maybe even learned about ourselves during the crazy days of summer.
Even through the craziness, we find peace and community within our Grow Appalachia program. With preservation training and farm visits, I feel humbled to be a part of the tremendous work all around