On a typical summer day, our Lead Community Organizer, Alicia, can be found lugging tools in a wheelbarrow between community gardens, teaching teens basic plant identification, making a supply run to the local hardware store, hosting a community meeting, holding open studio hours for neighborhood artists, chatting with a home gardener over their backyard plot, and recruiting residents for a neighborhood beautification project. Yes, that’s all in just one day!

Alicia is wholly committed to bringing neighbors together to build a vibrant Lower Price Hill. It’s not just because she is a paid member of our staff; that wasn’t originally even the case. Alicia’s motivation comes from being a neighbor herself. The LPH Community Gardens exist, in part, because Alicia wanted to find a safe space to grow her own food.

In her free time, Alicia tends to a home garden space with her next-door neighbor, Felicia, and it just so happens that Alicia and Felicia are a lot alike. Felicia leads several community initiatives, enjoys cooking for herself and others, and believes in the good her neighbors can accomplish when they work together. See the similarities? The pair also make great growing partners, and they both particularly love growing greens (pictured above)!