Logan Blog July 2023

Here it is July and Christmas is only five months away.  June was an odd month weather wise: not hot, a few days of really nice weather, and just enough rain to keep our gardens happy.

Some of our gardeners might be a little behind, but they waited until the ground was warmer before they started planting. Nevertheless, they are harvesting onions, lettuce and peas, with tomatoes just starting to ripen, and they are happy gardeners.

We have gardeners getting half-runner beans, beautiful white cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, seventeen bundles of celery, and these gardeners have always been great gardeners. They were taught how to grow a garden at an early age. New gardeners are doing well.  They use raised beds, five-gallon buckets, plastic swimming pools, and anything else that can hold plants.

I am having two workshops in July, one will be July 17th in Man, and in Logan July 18th.  I have also planned a canning workshop on August 8th.  As of now we will be making salsa or spaghetti sauce.

I believe we will have an exceptionally good year if we can continue like we are and no storms.

Bea Sias