We’ve had an exciting month here at the settlement! We had our Garden Maintenance meeting on June 8th- we had a smaller turn out than usual but we feel that it was still a successful meeting. Dusten and I have been doing garden visits whenever we can squeeze them in and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying them! We have seen so many successful gardens and we both felt so encouraged- our gardeners success is our success. Our gardeners put in a ton of hard work (and we’re so proud of them!) and they’re seeing the rewards, Dusten and I have put in a ton of work and we also saw the rewards.

(I’m having some difficulties getting my photos from my phone due to poor internet connection but once I can upload them they’ll go here)

Our next Grow Appalachia meeting is July 13th! We have planned a fairly long preservation class with presentations from our local gardeners. We plan to have a presentation on water bath canning. pressure canning, dehydrating, and vacuum sealing. We have a lot of new gardeners this year so we felt it was necessary to at least hit lightly on all of the preservation equipment options that we offer. We’re excited to see our locals preservation techniques. Faye is also visiting us on July 13th and we’re so looking forward to it! We are excited for her to visit our gardeners gardens and see how successful they are. We’re very proud of all of our gardeners- most of them have gardens that went above and beyond what we had hoped. We’re looking forward to Faye sitting in on what might be a very interesting meeting lol.

Overall, our July looks pretty busy and our harvests look plentiful!

“So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” -1 Corinthians 3:7