One of blogs this month comes from Backyard Gardener Angie, who wants us all to give our herb gardens the attention and appreciation they deserve. 

I’ve been gardening for several years now, and while I absolutely love the taste of a ripe tomato, or carrying an armful of zucchinis into the house, it’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve fell in love with the herb garden. And since I’ve started giving it the attention it deserves, it’s paid me back ten-fold.

So, here’s several reasons why you should consider dedicating a garden bed or two (or more!) to growing herbs.
1.) Pollinators! So many herbs are flowering varieties, which ultimately means that you’re going to attract lots of bees, butterflies and other pollinators that you want in your garden! Some herbs with flowers include blue borage, echinacea, bee balm, chamomile and feverfew.

2.) Perennials! Quite a few herbs out there are perennials, meaning that they’ll come back year after year without having to start them from seed again. Perennials are a gardener’s best friend (in most cases!)…however, you have to be careful with some more invasive-type plants such as anything from the mint family that will literally take over a garden bed if you give it the chance! Some perennial herbs include lemon balm, mint, sage, catnip & bronze leaf fennel.

3.) Culinary Use! Have you ever gone into the fresh herb section of the grocery store and gotten sticker shock at how expensive a handful of basil or parsley can be? It’s kind of crazy when you think of it. But when you grow herbs yourself, you will end up with an abundance (sometimes even an over-abundance) of herbs that you can use fresh or dry them for future use! And the amazing thing with most herb plants is that that more you pick from them, the more they produce!

4.) Teas! Have you ever had fresh basil tea? No? You have got to try it. I sometimes mix different basils, mints and stevia leaves together in a bottle of water for the best tea in the summer. Other great ones include lemon balm and fennel.

5.) Medicinal Use! I’ve been studying the properties of herbs extensively the past few years, and it’s amazing how many wonderful benefits they have! Whether it’s chamomile for helping you sleep better, sage or fennel for stomach health, Echinacea to keep your immune system healthy- the amount of benefits with these herbs is truly incredible. (Not medical advice- do your own research & talk to your doctor before using anything, of course!)