Memorial weekend we had an out of school bash for the kids here at St. Vincent Mission. We had games, water slide and food.  We were able to harvest enough strawberries for the event with some left over for the kids to take home and enjoy.

Back in April we were able to fence in a garden for one of our participants, Debbie. She was happy to receive the fence to help keep the wild animals and neighborhood pig out. At the beginning of June she informed me miss piggy got upset because she was not allowed to access the garden. so she took her anger out on Debbie’s herbs that was located on her ramp. Debbie had to fix a gate and restart some of her herbs all over again. Just another challenge to get through.

Harvest report for end of May turned out better than expected from my participants. Many of them were able to get an early start with their gardens. Our interns here are working in small sections to learn about how to plant and the steps of taking care of  garden from beginning to end. This year we decided to grow beans in the high tunnel just to put nutrition back into the soil. The Beans are looking good and can’t wait to get the first harvest off of them.

The regional meeting was enjoyable, I like when we are able to meet in different locations. I get to travel to places I have never been and meet up with friends to discuss new techniques, the use of different tools, and how each group works and does things to help their participants within their program.