Logan June 2023 Blog

Everything is starting to grow and bloom, and all the pretty green plants are nice and budding out.

Our second report was good, and I do expect the harvests to keep increasing in volume.  Our gardeners are working diligently to have a good garden and a good harvest that will provide for their families into the fall and winter months until the next spring comes and they can plant another garden. They work very hard every year for that one purpose: so they can help family, friends and food pantries.

One gardener has already picked over forty pecks of peas or close to that. I know this is true, he sent me pictures of him and his wife picking the peas. Another has already graveled in his potatoes and got enough for them for dinner that night.  I have had about five people tell me they have had new potatoes and peas for dinner.

Even my garden is doing well.  I have two raised beds, several large pots that I have planted tomatoes and potatoes in, along with cucumbers, and other things.

Most of the gardeners have planted a crop or two of beans and corn and they are waiting for these to come in so that they are able to can or freeze and plant another crop. Many gardeners will try to get two crops in as that’s more food to carry them and their friends and family through the winter.

Here’s hoping that our harvest continues as bountiful as it has begun.