Tameca became a homeowner several years ago through our unique partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Along with a place to call home, Tameca also gained one of the largest yards in the Lower Price Hill neighborhood.

This opportunity provided her with a canvas to cultivate her own home garden. Over the last two years—with the support of Community Matters and Grow Appalachia—Tameca has received the guidance and resources to plant a diverse range of summer crops.

Tameca’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish the Incline District Community Marketplace. Incorporating the produce from her home garden into her spice mixes and meals, she not only feeds her family but also sells her delectable creations in markets around the city. Her home garden has become a vital source of ingredients for her thriving food business.

Tameca’s journey as a home gardener serves as a testament to the profound impact of the LPH Community Gardens.