We have had an amazing may!

We had a meeting with our Grow Appalachia gardeners on May 18th, we had a class on organic gardening. We gave out tomato plants, pepper plants, cucumber, squash, (extra cabbage if we had it), corn, bean and okra seed, and an organic garden spray. Our meeting was full- we’ve been having excellent turn outs- and we went over organic gardening with our gardeners, Dusten and I used every available resource and compiled a (very well put together packet-not to toot my horn but..) packet for our gardeners to take home but I also spoke about all of the most important points and gave them examples of how I did things organically in the greenhouse. We had a class discussion afterward about organic gardening techniques that some of our gardeners were already implementing into their gardening. I feel that we all learned a lot, it was nice to hear everyone’s experiences with using the different techniques and things. Everyone was really excited to try the organic spray!

Our next meeting is June the 8th, it is over Basic garden Maintenance. We hope to have the same amazing attendance that we have had at our past meetings. We had lots of new people inquire about the program after we had closed sign ups/ applications so hopefully next year we will get to try our hand at helping even more gardeners! I have had several harvest reports already turned in for may and I’m excited to turn in my report because I actually have numbers this time! haha.

Oh! and we added a season extension class in august that we announced at our last meeting. We also scheduled garden visits with our gardeners!

With that I think I have everyone all caught up… I have attached some photos below of our last meeting, and two of our gardeners gardens!