March has been cold and busy here at St.Vincent Mission. We have had our second meeting and are up to 32 participants. We were able to give out the shirts we had made last month to everyone. Our participants also received black plastic and seeds that were donated to us.

Since 2018, Dena and Maisy Funk have been coming every March to volunteer and bring seeds that are donated by their church from Southeastern Pennsylvania. Dena made the comment, their batteries are recharged each March by seeing familiar faces, meeting new friends and helping in whatever way they can.

we have also been able to get fencing for a few of our participants that struggled last year with the deer and rabbits getting into their gardens. My two interns this season Allie and Gracie, have been learning about how to plant seeds and take care of them in our little grow room. They are enjoying the process of watching how their work is growing. This year we have started 1008 bell pepper plants and 1008 tomato plants.  we are hoping to be able to have plenty to give out to our participants in the future to help save them money.