Blog for April 2023
Logan, WV
Bea Sias

We have started our gardening; everyone is anxious to get those seeds in the ground. We have
received several items for the gardeners that we have passed out to them. We received more
tools that we will give in the next workshop.

Buck and I have been bagging corn, beans, and onions. We have worked all week and then the
weekend getting these things ready. We have more gardeners this year than ever before and
we also had to turn people down.

Young adults are very interested in gardening this year; I guess they have been to the store and
checked the prices of food. I have one gardener that has 5 children, and one has six children. I
can understand why they want to raise a garden.

We have had two workshops so far, and the Ext Agent in Logan is working on some classes for
canning, but we must wait until after June as she goes to camp with Energy Express kids and
does fun things with the children. The gardeners really love the canning sessions we have.
Buck is working on starting cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and other things for our gardeners in
his small green house. He brought two trays of early cabbage plants to the first workshop and
the people to take home.

When we gave out potatoes, some of the gardeners went straight home and planted them, then
sent me pictures which I am sending in with my Blog. The other picture is the day we gave out

I am so thankful that we can help a lot of people grow a garden that they then can share with
everyone to can and freeze a lot of food.