Grow Appalachia participants in Magoffin County have kicked off the season with a garden plan and then met again in April to start our very own mushroom logs. Participants learned about the lifecycle of mushrooms and how growing on logs is self sustainable under the right conditions. We inoculated our logs with Shiitake mushrooms and each participant completed their own log from start to finish. Drilling the holes, filling the holes with spawn, and then covering the holes with food grade wax to help keep the critters out and the spawn in. We discussed stacking techniques, where to place their logs, when and how to harvest their mushrooms and when to expect their first fruiting. Everyone had a great time working outside and were excited to go home and place their logs in their forever homes. We provided several fact sheets for further reading and a small fact sheet for their refrigerator to remind them of the type of mushroom we inoculated and when to expect their first and last fruit from their logs. We are excited for what the rest of this program has in store for us!