Approaching Spring is always a magical time, especially in this region. A region where there could be a surprise burst of warm weather, cold snaps, and an abundance of rain all in the same week. From planning our garden beds and starting seeds, we are anxiously waiting on the almost perfect time to transplant our cool weather crops into the soil. Soon, we will be enjoying delicious, cool, and crisp Spring lettuces amongst other greens. Sharing with our community members, gardeners, and local food pantries.

This is one of my favorite times of the season. Watching the year’s first seedlings grow in abundance in our grow room, always lets me know that we are not far from the busy times of Summer. Times where we will enjoy even more varieties of fresh local vegetables and the vibrant colors from the flowers swaying in the breeze.

Our seedlings are coming along great thanks to Jill Bader, the co-coordinator for the OTR People’s Garden here in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will be having our first plant and seed distribution soon where we plan to distribute hundreds of cool weather crops to gardeners here and in Northern Kentucky. Once complete, time to fill the space with our warm weather seedlings! Off to a great start and we can’t wait to show you more!