Logan County West Virginia, March 2023

In January of 2022, Bea Sias and Buck West came up with the idea to go to the Logan County
Commission and ask for $1500.00. We needed a little extra money to buy canning supplies.
With the prices of everything after the pandemic rose to a higher price on canning jars, the
utensils used for canning, and also rings and lids had to be bought for those who had enough
jars to be able to can all their food.

We went to the meeting and I stated our case, explained how some people that we helped
could not afford to buy the necessary items to can their food for the winter. They were
very good to us and we got the $1500.00 and we bought $1300.00 in canning supplies.
The President of the Commission knew about our organization and said it was one of the
best in our area and that we wanted to help those who needed help. We had a very good
year producing and canning, with all the supplies we bought our gardeners canned over
800 jars of food, and they also put a lot of food in the freezers.

Well, this year we went back again in January 2023, and I asked for $2000.00. I told them that
a hardware store was going out of business, and he had a green-house for sale for $2000.00
that would allow us to grow our own plants instead of buying them. I had no problem getting this
amount. They gave us the money, and the owner of the hardware let us have it for $1500.00. I
explained the green-house needed some work and the extra $500.00 would be used to update

I will definitely miss the business this season he was always nice and he gave us discounts on
everything we bought from them. I am also thankful to the Logan County Commission for giving
us the money and it will be put to good use to help Grow Appalachia gardeners.