The gardening season is in full bloom here at Grow Morristown! We recently held our first workshop of the year and were exhilarated by how many people attended, looking to get their hands dirty with other gardeners. Not only that, but we also have some amazing new developments this year including partnering up with Habitat for Humanity to start an open community garden at their local offices. We are also offering double workshops now!

Our first workshop of the season was well attended and our gardeners showed up prepared. Attendance at our first Community Garden Program workshop of the season was fantastic, with families coming from all over the area to learn about creating and managing their own gardens. These gardeners came prepared and eager to learn.

It’s great to see our community growing each and every year. Being part of a community is about more than just being a member, it’s about friendships, helping one another, and showing that we all care for one another. This all starts with workshop number one where returning gardeners welcome our newest members.

This year, our community garden program is offering something special! We’ve added double workshops. Not only does this mean we can keep class sizes small, but it also makes scheduling much more convenient. Our hopes are to have much higher workshop attendance.

Our reach into the community is growing bigger and better this year! We’re thrilled to announce a ‘community family’ partnership with Habitat for Humanity that will reach even more people while doing what we already do. Two ambassadors from the ReStore program will attend each workshop and participate just like current programs members do – attending workshops and reporting harvests. It’s exciting to get started on this new partnership.

Behind the scenes, it has been amazing to have a new managing partner in Heather Bolton. It’s great to have new perspectives, more experience to share and more bandwidth – sharing the workload and approaching the workshop as a duo.

All in all, Grow Morristown has had a great start to the year! With our first workshop behind us, we are already looking forward to our second workshop and working on our tilling list! Our new developments give us a lot to look forward. This should be an amazing growing season for all of us! Plus, double workshops means double the fun!

~Jason, Grow Morristown

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