Over the last two years, our community has been abuzz with construction. That work has created high-quality, affordable housing options for families who have struggled to find somewhere to call home.

Many of these apartments and single-family houses sit adjacent to our community gardens and right next door to existing home gardeners. The first families moved in last month, and we are so excited to connect with all our new neighbors this growing season. Quite a few families even have space for modest home gardens!

To prepare for this growing season, we’ve been busy ordering supplies, finalizing workshop plans, conducting outreach to neighbors, scheduling volunteer work groups, and reconnecting with partners. We have also been experimenting with a small, portable hot house located in one of the community gardens. This allowed us to start some seeds a bit earlier, and now, we have plants already going strong.

With a few warm days already under our belts, it’s a welcome sign that spring is near. It should be an exciting time for all the many ways our community continues to grow!