This year, our team at High Rocks is thrilled to introduce a new and exciting addition to our program. Many of us at High Rocks are proud parents who understand the challenges of juggling responsibilities and finding time for personal pursuits. We’ve heard from many potential participants that while they’re interested in attending our program, their busy schedules can make it difficult to commit.

To address this challenge, we’re excited to offer a solution that benefits both parents and participants alike. We’ve decided to include a kids activity as part of our program, allowing adults to engage with the information and resources we provide while their little ones are entertained and engaged.

We are delighted to report on the incredible success of our recent workshop! Having roughly 10 kids per workshop so far, our attendees, both young and old, were learning about soil samples and health from our county’s WVU extension agent. But that’s not all – our younger participants had just as much fun as the adults, thanks to the wonderful activities provided by our friend from 4H, Luci Messeso.

While the adults delved into the complexities of soil health, the kids were busy making edible soil cups and starting microgreens kits to take home. These engaging activities had everyone excited and energized, with the kids especially enjoying decorating their cookie “dirt” with gummy worms and coconut grass. They then eagerly planted their own microgreen seeds, which they can watch grow and harvest in just two short weeks!

The fun didn’t stop there. After the activities were over, the kids enjoyed a fun-filled game before it was time to show off their creations to proud parents. The turnout was excellent, and the feedback we’ve received from parents has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re thrilled to have been able to create a fun and engaging event that has brought people into the program who have previously not been able to participate. We can’t wait to see what exciting experiences we can offer in the future!