Early morning-entering Booneville, KY in Owsley County.

By: Tanya Begley

With a wisp of cool wind, fall is in its full splendor. The gardens and farms have been harvested and we are having those first frosty mornings. What a relaxing, bountiful time of the year! Yes, we must prepare for the cold but that only means holidays and enjoying a moment to savor the fruits and vegetables we worked so hard to harvest throughout the year.

 Fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and social gatherings have been a welcome sight. Crops canned, enjoyed, stored, and awaiting holidays and winter. That final closing to the growing season. We thank Mother nature and wish her a well-deserved rest.

In this 2022 edition of our blog, we want once again take a moment and celebrate all the hard work and give thanks to all of you who shared your homes/farms and gardens with us this year. To all those still fighting illness, ailments, our people on the front lines and all those that work every day in public service and at home. We are blessed for your humility, kindness, compassion, and grace. 2022 has been a struggle for normality and a blessing to have each other as we look for better days ahead.

 This is our final blog for the 2022 season. We have continued to be blessed for our readers and patrons who have enjoyed our work. I will end this with pictures of 2022’s Owsley County Heritage Day. Featuring Owsley County FFA students and Owsley Co. High School, district staff and community partners. Hosting Owsley Co. Elementary School students and the community to celebrate our Kentucky heritage.

Stay thankful. Stay humble. Stay safe. See you next spring!

Happy holidays y’all

Mrs. B ♥