What an awesome experience it has been to be part of the Grow Appalachia Program these past few years.

Working with the team in Berea has been the best. There was no question I could ask that they could not answer. Even the questions that I didn’t know exactly how to ask. With all of the different organizations they support, they still make us feel like we are the most important one. I really do not have the vocabulary to properly express my appreciation for them.

Young or old. Novice or Seasoned. Small garden or Massive.The gardeners and their gardens along the way have been enjoyable. Seeing them take pride in their accomplishments. Just getting plants to grow and produce inspite of the weather and/or weeds can be major task. I liked watching them take part in the workshops. Whether is was learning new ideas or being reassured that some tried and true practices are still good.

Last but certainly not least, the team here at the Settlement has been priceless. If I say to much about them, it might get back to them and that would ruin my reputation.

I don’t know if you can tell by the sound of this blog or if you can read between the lines but this is my last blog. I will be leaving the greenhouses and the grow program to work in our Craft Shop here at the Settlement. Don’t panic! We are turning it over to someone who is quite capable of taking over.

Thanks again for all you have done.