While we managed to avoid the serious flooding many places saw in July, Mother Nature caught up with us in August and dumped 5+” of rain in just a matter of hours, starting around 3:30 in the morning. The rain started not with a casual drop or two as a warning, but as an instant deluge as if someone had opened a zipper in the rain clouds. By 8 am low lying gardens were under as much as two feet of water, with more rain coming in waves throughout the day.

Big Ugly gardeners are a resilient bunch, and have replanted with peas and other cool weather crops. One gardener is even trying for another batch of beans, saying he thinks it will stay warm long enough to get a second bean harvest.

Harvest reports are still coming in and look good despite too much water, with a few veggies reported by individuals in bushels instead of pecks. And a good portion is being shared with friends and family who are without produce.

COVID has also continued to be an issue in the community, with at least one gardener giving up gardening this year because he just doesn’t feel good enough or have the energy. The last two workshops were virtual due to the high prevalence of COVID in the community, but we are planning an in-person workshop on the 17th to talk about winterizing our gardens and having a winter garden. We’ll have some heart healthy cooking thrown in, with a heart healthy snack from produce. We’ll utilize masks and social distancing to try and keep people safe.