If you notice, I have featured this family before in our blog.  They have worked so hard on their garden this year.  They have had great success with all things.  Not only have they been able to feed their family some yummy, nutritious food but they have also been able to instill many lifelong lessons in their kiddos, who are triplets.  Bethany has taken it upon herself to learn about all things in gardening and food preservation.  Not only is she a homeschooling mama to triplets but she is also teaching them essential life skills that we love.  She has been able to get her family and friends involved in all of her hard work and it looks as though she has made it into a fun time for all.  Imagine the conversations held on the porch stringing the beans or in the field while doing the picking.  I can imagine there were probably even a few hymns sung while working the day away.  I am sure at times there were grumbles from the kids or even the adults, but after the time is gone, they will look back and cherish those times with their family.  Life is what you make out of it and even the working parts can be fun and enjoyable memories for all.  We always look forward to her photos on Facebook and enjoy reading the comments some of which are “you are a canning machine.”  We hope that through the help and partnership with Grow Appalachia Bethany and her family can take these skills with them throughout their life and continue on the gardening path.